Mark Osmun

Mark Osmun worked as a foreign correspondent and travel writer for The San Francisco Examiner, west coast correspondent for USA Today, and contributing writer for such publications as Rolling Stone, Playboy, and The Boston Globe His six-part series for The San Francisco Examiner on South African apartheid became a finalist in the H.L. Mencken Awards of the Free Press Association.

Marley's Ghost, his first novel, is a dark prequel to Dickens's A Christmas Carol. The book came out nationally in September 2000. Featured by the Associated Press in a major holiday story and receiving editorial reviewer praise, the novel climbed to 126th position on's sales list during the last week of that December.

After the Bones, another novel, is a tale of historical intrigue taking place in 1866 Honolulu.


The Honolulu Marathon, originally published in 1977 by Harper & Row, was a revelatory chronicle of the coming "Running Boom." After it went out of print, it came back  via print-on-demand.

Dancer is the true story of Valerie Carpenter who, at 47, is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, interpreter for the deaf, and licensed psychotherapist. The dominant trait of her personality is optimism. She is on the verge of a prestigious position with The Mayo Clinic when, in one fast, unpredictable instant, she loses it all.

A freak accident breaks her neck, paralyzing her, robbing her not only of her professional abilities, but also of the common abilities needed for life.

Dancer, traces this indomitable woman’s struggle back---not once, but twice---her relentless will, and irrepressible, positive outlook as she undertakes a rocky, often heartbreaking, journey back to her life’s true calling: helping those in need. To get there, she relies not only on her own inner strengths, but also on the reappearance of a long-lost love, and childhood friends who rally to her from all parts of the country.

Dancer is told in the style of a novel and touches a broad spectrum of today’s social issues, but more than that, it is a story that will touch the heart of every reader who opens its cover.



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